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Dead Body Rots in Walmart Parking Lot for 3 Months Before She Was Discovered

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Dead Body Rots in Walmart Parking Lot for 3 Months Before She Was Discovered

Some people say they wouldn’t be caught dead at a Walmart, but that’s just what happened to Lauren Jessie Moss, 22. She was found decomposing inside her silver Volkswagen Jetta, which was parked at a Walmart in Salinas, CA.

Police say Lauren’s death was likely a suicide; she was last seen alive in Seaside, near Salinas, on November 13, 2015, the same day she left a rehab center. On February 3, 2016, an employee reported the “abandoned” vehicle and the gruesome discovery was made. On February 8, Lauren Moss’ body was identified.

How could this possibly happen? Store parking lots are for customers only; the threat of a ticket or towing are posted. A Walmart spokesperson said they do not have personnel patrolling overnight, but they do have 24-hour surveillance cameras. Walmart’s footage only went back to December 4, 2015, but police confirmed the video showed the Jetta in the same parking spot day after day.

Salinas police noted that Lauren’s VW had dark-tinted windows and a sunshade was covering the dashboard, making it difficult to see inside. But still…wouldn’t there have been an odor? Also, she was reported missing by her family shortly after she left rehab, but no one ID’d the car.

Her sister told reporters that Lauren left a note behind for family, and a drug needle was found in the Jetta.

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