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Meth Head Mother Kills Sons And Eats Them, Thinking They Were Pigs

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Meth Head Mother Kills Sons And Eats Them, Thinking They Were Pigs

A woman accused of butchery, cooking and eating her two sons is believed to have done so because she hallucinated that they were pigs while high on methanphetamine, Dental Health Department Deputy General said in a statement. “The woman killed her children because she didn’t continue her treatment and didn’t take her medication while smoking meth,” Dr. Kiatt explained.

The boys were ages one and five years old. Police found the mother at home, surrounded by the body parts of her two young children. The mother was taken to the local hospital, but still does not know what she did to her kids. Police say the woman had been getting treated for a mental illness and had stopped taking her medication.

Ironically, the woman had been left alone with the kids by her husband, who had gone to get her medication. “I had to go out of town for a couple days. I told her that I would bring the medication she needs,” the husband said. “I never imagined that something like this would happen.”

Dr. Kiatt said mentally ill patients often become violent and experience hallucinations if they stop their regular treatment. About 90% of violent cases involving mentally ill patients were due to lack of regular medication.

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