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Scandalous Girlfriend’s Caught Cheating

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Scandalous Girlfriend’s Caught Cheating

A few months ago, Youtuber Dennis Ceeset up an awesome sting where – with the help of a dude’s girlfriend – he caught him cheating. In a super messed-up way too… Now, Dennis is more used to pranking people and filming socila experiments, but this video really captured the public imagination and gave him a taste for it, so he’s back with another cheater he plans on catching…

A guy comes to him to complain that his girlfriend of one year has been acting strangely: going out at weird times, she’s obsessed with her Snapchat and she’s keeps mentioning another guy. He thinks she’s cheating on him. And he wants Dennis to do some digging and help him catch her in the act.

So Dennis and his pal Coby Persin set to work. And it doesn’t take long before they hit the pay dirt. They catch her cheating and it is STONE COLD! Check it out:

Think that was crazy? You ain’t seen nothing yet! Have a watch of the first one…

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