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DNA Analysis Proves Meek Mill is Grandson of Martin Luther King jr.


DNA Analysis Proves Meek Mill is Grandson of Martin Luther King jr.

Bad news for the family of Martin Luther King Jr. today as reports have surfaced revealing that rapper Meek Mill, whose real name is Robert Rahmeek Williams, is in fact the biological grandson of the world’s most revered civil rights activist.

imageMartin Luther King III, believed to be the father of the rapper, stated:

“I have no idea how this happened. I’m a good Christian man like my father. I certainly am not the type to just hit it and quit it.”

This makes Meek Mill not only the heir to proverbial rap game, but also the next in line to become the next great leader of black America. Some are even speculating that with his lineage, Meek Mill could someday become the first rapper to become President of the United States as long as Jay-Z doesn’t get there first. All the signs have been there letting folks know who Meek really is its all about the Dream Chasers but no one was paying attention.

In response to the reports of Mill’s possible ascension into the political realm, over eight hundred white males, mostly conservative, have joined hands on the Brooklyn Bridge threatening to jump if Meek Mill does not promise them he’ll never run for President.

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