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Eating the B**ty Causes Cancer, Study Says

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Eating the B**ty Causes Cancer, Study Says

imageWhile it’s been a known fact that smoking cigarettes and even cell phones might cause cancer, a new activity is about to be added to list of cancer causers: anallingus, otherwise known as eating booty.

imageThe popularity of eating booty has soared in recent years with increased relevance in hip-hop, porn, and other popular culture.
Now, scientists are saying that it’s just best to stay away from the booty hole altogether.
A study recently published by scientists from the University of Texas states that the rectum and sphincter are typically lined with particular harmful carcinogens which could lead to cancer over a long period of exposure or contact. The head of the study Dr. Bruce Lane says,

“it could also lead to a particularly bad case of pink eye that we in the medical field call stink eye”

Some booty eating advocates are in an uproar claiming the study to have a gender bias, but Dr. Lane assures that “the study is a hundred percent ethical and in no way, shape or form paid for by the Men’s Rights Activist group Free the Tongue,” a group who Dr. Bruce Lane helped form for the purpose of educating the public about the dangers of eating booty.

If you want to see the results of what will happen if you decide to eat the booty, take a look at the photo below of the young man who contracted mouth cancer from eating a strippers booty. Watch out have been warned????????


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