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Is Lesbianism A Natural Thing, Or Does it Go Against God?

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Is Lesbianism A Natural Thing, Or Does it Go Against God?


‘Black individuals who identify as LGBT are disproportionately young and disproportionately female’

So is Leabianism a Natural thing for women or is it just an escape from dating men that are no good?

*I recently approached an attractive woman to ask for her phone number and she politely declined. “I have a girlfriend,” she said smiling. “She’s right over there.”

Pointing to another female waiting in the passenger seat of parked sedan, the young woman waved goodbye and quickly galloped to her lady-love. Making matters worse, the couple exchanged a brief, but passionate kiss as if to say, “n*gga, keep walking.”

Both girls shot me a quick glance as they zoomed out of the parking lot. If not for the loud, screeching sound of the car’s tires, someone nearby probably would’ve heard the faint sound of me whimpering like a child. Once again, I had to watch while a beautiful, black queen skipped into the arms of another woman.

“Those two could make one hell of a sex tape,” I thought to myself. After a few seconds of picturing the image in my head, I suddenly felt a lot better. (Smiley Face).

In my opinion, the are two reasons why black women are experimenting with lesbianism more than ever before. I don’t mean to come across as insensitive or condescending, but in today’s social climate, people tend to make choices based on the ebb and flow of pop culture. When famed lyricist Nicki Minaj expressed an interest in women publicly, it more than likely stirred the curiosity of her female fans, particularly the young, impressionable ones. The same thing goes for other bi-sexual female performers like Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, whose 2008 smash hit, “I kissed a Girl,” contains explicit lyrics about her first intimate encounter with another woman. With encouragement from their idols, thousands of young girls across the country are giving lesbianism a try.

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