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Man Gets His Puppy High On Meth, So He Could Stay Awake To Party With Him

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Man Gets His Puppy High On Meth, So He Could Stay Awake To Party With Him

A Texas man has been arraigned on animal cruelty and drug charges after admitting to injecting his dog with methamphetamine over an six month period. However, Travis Smith pleaded not guilty at the arraignment citing he “only put meth in the dog so he could spend more time with his best friend in the world.”
Smith’s younger sister spoke on his behalf:
“He loves Paris more than anybody could love their puppy dog. The dog truly is his best friend forever, but the dog slept a lot and Travis got so lonely on his meth binges. He didn’t have human friends, outside of me, his meth dealer and the mailman. So he shot the dog up with crank to keep it wide awake so they could party together. He had the dog drinking Coors beer too. Dog got to where it could drink me under the table and I’m no lightweight.”
The local animal shelter took Paris into custody.
“The poor puppy is physically addicted to methamphetamine.  We have no precedent for a case like this and honestly we’re a bit stumped on how to treat Paris,” a shelter spokeswoman said. “We’re going to probably hand him over to a national drug rehab facility where they can help him with the physical withdrawals and then maybe we can find him a home. But will people want to adopt a recovering canine meth addict and alcoholic? We have no idea.”
If convicted, Moore faces up to five years in prison and a $25,000 fine.

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