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Man Loses His Pen*s To Frostbite After Doing Snow Challenge

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Man Loses His Pen*s To Frostbite After Doing Snow Challenge

These freezing temperatures are very dangerous they have already claimed a portion of Michael Barnes pen*s, Barnes uploaded a video onto Facebook Sunday morning of him diving into a large amount of snow while wearing swim short doing flips and pretending to swim inside the snow.

The snow challenge is a popular trend among Facebook users who live in areas affected Winter Storm Jonas, The point of the challenge is to dive into the snow wearing some to no clothing. Family of Barnes say shortly after the video he felt a numbness and pain that was getting worst by the minute he was rushed to the hospital, Doctors made the decision to half his pen*s. The good news is the worst of Winter Storm Jonas is over, but the dangerous winter storm buried a large portion of the Northeast urban corridor with more than 2 feet of snow from the Washington, D.C. area to New York City.

All of the snow from Jonas has now ended, but significant coastal flooding remains a concern through this morning.

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