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Nuns Growing & Selling Weed To Help People Are Making Millions, Town Wants Them Shut Down!

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Nuns Growing & Selling Weed To Help People Are Making Millions, Town Wants Them Shut Down!

It’s frustrating to me because there are all of these people with negative attitudes about something that is truly God’s gift,” said Sister Darcey in an ABC News interview. She runs medicinal marijuana business – along with several other nuns – now in jeopardy of being closed down thanks to a recent change in the law.

While the Sisters of the Valley have been growing and selling their leaf legally for the past three years, their hometown of Merced, CA., has not approved. Merced City Council issued a temporary ban on marijuana cultivation after a 6-0 vote on January 4, 2016.

The Sisters continue to sell their high-quality medicinal salves, tonics, and tinctures on Etsy… for now.

“We make CBD oil, which takes away seizures and a million other things,” Sister Kate said. “It’s very high in demand from cancer patients. And we make a salve that’s a multi-purpose salve, but we found out it cures migraines, hangovers, earaches, tooth aches and diaper rash.”

As the cannabis cultivators await their fate, in another part of the country medical Mary Jane was used for the first time ever in a hospital to treat a baby for severe seizures. Little Amylea Nunez of Aurora, NM., is making history as the first and youngest approved recipient of cannabis oil in a hospital.

Amylea’s mom Nicole found the miracle cure, and presented it to doctors. It is an alternative treatment called Charlotte’s Web, which is a cannabis oil that is well-known to treat epilepsy in toddlers and children. The levels of THC are extremely low.

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