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Ralph Lauren “Polo Wasn’t Made for the Ghetto, It’s for Middle Class & Up”


Ralph Lauren “Polo Wasn’t Made for the Ghetto, It’s for Middle Class & Up”

More news in the world of social and racial politics and how they relate to fashion this week as Ralph Lauren, the mogul responsible for the Polo clothing brand, stirs up some controversy stating, “Polo wasn’t made for the ghetto. It’s a brand for the middle class and up,” enraging social activists everywhere.

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Myla Goldberg from EqualityNow said, “this is the sort of mentality that is creating so much turmoil in the United States today. These elitists just think so low of the poor and barely tolerate humanity as a whole,” while setting a pair of khakis on fire.

Moreover, Lauren would go on to say, “I’m not being an elitist or a racist. Merely stating that I make a severely overpriced product and if a poor person spends this outrageous sum then their finances are going to be severely hemorrhaged by an unnecessary purchase. They should save up what they would normally spend on my cheaper cologne and sweaters then invest that money into a certified deposit.”

Currently, an activist group by the name of Ralph Lauren Yolo has stormed the Dillards in the Mall of America tearing through its clothing departments with their pockets symbolically reversed on the outside of their pants holding signs reading “don’t hate.”

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