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Stitches Found Dead in Miami, The Game Arrested


Stitches Found Dead in Miami, The Game Arrested

A growing feud between The Game and Miami rapper Stitches has just elevated to a new level this week. This beef really started to blow up when Stitches released a diss track taking shots at the Compton rapper, and in addition released a video in which he insulted The Game’s children. The Game’s manager, who goes by the nickname of Wack 100, found himself in somewhat of an awkward physical confrontation in Miami on December 3, according to The Source. During the altercation, things escalated when Wack 100 punched Stitches to the ground. Apparently, Stitches had a problem with The Game and was looking to confront him face to face. Stitches was trying to get into the Story Nightclub, where Game was, but he says he was denied entry by The Game’s security. The game’s manager Wack100 knocked out stitches with w one hitter quitter.

Today rapper stitches was allegedly found dead in Miami with multiple gunshot wounds. The Game was arrested and taken in for questioning.

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