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Trinidad James Works Graveyard Shift at White Castle


Trinidad James Works Graveyard Shift at White Castle


“At first I thought it was Jerome from Martin, but when I realized it was Trinidad James I asked him did he want my autograph because I’m more famous than him I got more twitter followers”

Said Shawn Freeman a former fan of the All Gold Everything rapper.

Trinidad James has fallen on hard times and has been reduced to flipping burgers and washing dishes for $9.00 an hour. It’s Hard out here for a rapper these days when people on Instagram with no talent are getting booked to show up at clubs for more money than music artists as Mr. James voiced his frustration:

“I think it’s some bullshit that mentally challenged people on Instagram are making more money than me, it’s just not right. “My mixtape was ‘FIRE’ and nobody even heard it, F** Def Jam and all the fans that turned their back on me”

When Trinidad is not working at White Castle he spends the rest of his time in the Motel 6 with a laptop and protools that he calls a temporary studio working on his comeback album tentatively titled “All Iron Everything” as he has been forced to pawn all his gold. He now rocks an iron chain and says he will start a new trend and have everyone wearing iron jewelry.

There has been no release date set for the album but he did release a statement to his fans:


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