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Woman Meets Man From Instagram, Contracts HIV After “Netflix and Chill” Date

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Woman Meets Man From Instagram, Contracts HIV After “Netflix and Chill” Date

Bronx, New York – Marissa Sanchez, 25, from New York City discovered that her “Netflix-N-Chill” date resulted in her contracting HIV. The woman met her one night stand partner from Instagram.

According to reports, Sanchez had met Jonathan Banks, after they had exchanged a series of direct messages through the social networking app, Instagram. Reportedly, both had discovered each other on Twitter but continued their intimate conversations on Instagram before exchanging phone numbers and eventually meeting in person.

According to the court documents, Sanchez discovered she had contracted HIV after undergoing her routine annual physical with her gynecologist. Sanchez and Banks had not seen each other after their one night stand and according to reports, Sanchez did not sleep with anyone else after her rendezvous with Banks.

“Sanchez confronted Banks after receiving her test results and had questioned him about his medical condition but he initially denied it. Sanchez then reported Banks to authorities to assist with her accusations,” according to the court deposition.

Authorities had questioned Banks after Sanchez informed them that she believed Banks intentionally gave her HIV. Banks denied the accusations once again however authorities requested with the assistance of the court to provide his medical records. After Banks’ medical records were subpoenaed, the investigation revealed that Banks was HIV positive for 5 years prior to his intimate date with Sanchez. Sanchez was “devastated” after learning about the information.

“I have to live with this for the rest of my life,” Sanchez said in a statement.

Sanchez had retained a lawyer to pursue damages for contracting HIV from Banks however, her attorney discovered more shocking news.

Reportedly, Sanchez was not the first victim of Banks’ dishonesty. Seven other women from New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia who met Banks over a period of 3 years from social media had also accused him of giving them HIV. Although none of the other accusations made it to court, it was enough for Sanchez’s lawyer to convince the police to file charges on Banks.

“Ms. Sanchez’s life has completely changed by being infected, something that could easily have been avoided if you were honest from the start. You chose to conceal your medical condition from her and the consequences have been devastating,” according to Honorable Judge Santiago.

Johnathan Banks was charged with HIV Sexual Penetration with an Uninformed Partner, a four-year felony.

“Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way but I hope that other women and men on social networks learn to protect themselves. Don’t try to have sex with everyone will to have sex with you because you just might end up like me,” said Sanchez.

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