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World’s First Marijuana Mall Opens in Colorado

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World’s First Marijuana Mall Opens in Colorado

The world’s first marijuana mini-mall is taking root in Trinidad, Colorado. Developers Chris Elkins and Sean Sheridan favored Trinidad’s views on laws and tourism making it an ideal place to build their dream venture.

Elkins and Sheridan purchased a building in downtown Trinidad on Commercial Street and have already received city permits. They are now waiting on City Council before getting to work. “This town has a zero-foot setback,which allows us to put five dispensaries here right next to one another. As far as we know, we are the only town in Colorado that can do this,” Elkins said in an interview with local news station KRDO.

Elkins went on to say, “I think it’s a shock. This one isn’t something that’s been done before.” He added four out of the five spaces have already been leased to marijuana-based businesses. If the City Council approves the project, Elkins hopes to be up and running by April.

Local residents are in favor of the idea, while others worry it could attract homeless people and transients.

Local resident Tamara Johnson offered her views on the mini-mall in the center of town by saying, “To be honest, I don’t have any problem with marijuana or marijuana users but I do know we have had a lot more problems with theft. I know Walmart is having problems. And transients, that’s become a huge problem.”

Elkins knows what the mini-mall can do for the local economy. Mechelle Duran lives nearby but didn’t seemed concerned adding, “I think that’s interesting. I am excited to see it open. We have a lot of pot stores already and there is a lot of benefits.”

We’ll keep you posted once the project gets close to opening.

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